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In the two previous chapters, we took a broad approach to our main research question of how existing digital self-control tools (DSCTs) can help us identify effective design patterns, and analyse a large number of tools in online stores. In the present chapter, we focus in on how this can inform subsequent targeted studies of promising design patterns.Thus, in surveying existing DSCTs, we encountered many examples of tools providing interventions aimed specifically at supporting self-control over use of Facebook (e.g., Newsfeed Eradicator, JDev (2019)).However, no existing studies have evaluated their effectiveness.This chapter presents a controlled study exploring how UI interventions drawn from popular DSCTs on the Chrome Web store affect patterns of use and perceived control over Facebook use.We randomly assigned 58 university students to one of three intervention conditions: goal reminders, newsfeed removed, or white background (control).Their Facebook use was logged for 6 weeks, with interventions applied in the two middle weeks, and we administered biweekly surveys as well as post-study interviews.

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