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Download Vmware Thinstall Portable Apps For 11

Cameyo's own website is distributing illegal software that the publisher hasn't approved of. That's why Cameyo is viewed as a less legal option than, say, ThinApp... though ThinApped apps are not permitted here either as they are nearly all done with cracked versions of ThinApp. While most of the portable packages out their packaged with ThinApp are illegal, the ThinApp publisher isn't hosting and encouraging users to download those illegal packages the way Cameyo is.

download vmware thinstall portable apps for 11


I would like to create a portable version of WinMount (to be able to mount zip, rar, iso, ... in a portable way), and I tried to make it with VMware ThinApp. I'm sure it is possible, because you can download a ThinApp'ed version from the Net and that works correctly, the only problem is that it contains trojan and who knows what else... So I tried to make WinMount portable, but I did not succeed. When I start the portable version, it is O.K., but only until I uninstall the "normal" winmount. When that is uninstalled, my portable version stops working too (the app starts, but the mount possibility is disabled. Do you have any ideas what I do wrong? I am not an expert of thinapp yet, I don't know how to handle scenarios when an installer registers a service or a dll for example. Please help.

I remember I read somewhere that somebody created a tiny program (in was mentioned in vmware forums as far as I can remember, it was a crude thing coded for private use and I never managed to download it) to sit with main portable application and if such application has an open/save file dialog, it is possible to navigate to that program which virtually sits in the program files alongside main app from within the main app, and such program would scan all files that it can see and somehow is able to distiguish a real file from virtual one, and save all virtual files in a structure that is similar to the initial compilation folder from which portable app was created. I know that it is a very round-about way of doing things, but maybe the only one feasible.

These portable app creators allow you to make any software portable online which you can carry in a flash drive. This tutorial works great on Windows 10, 11 and Mac. These are the best portable apps download that you will find. These come with a portable apps suite which comes with a bundle of tools to help you make a software EXE portable.

It is a lightweight and robust portable app creator. It comes with a huge app library that carries over 300 popular virtual applications. Moreover, here you can also store your applications in a cloud library and then download them from anywhere you want.

Today we have covered the top 5 best portable app creators to make any software portable. You can also download them with direct links. Some of the portable app creators help you create software exe files which you can take in a flash drive and take away with you.


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