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Buy Rosetta Stone Spanish Used __LINK__

Hi, I have tried to sell a new unopened software of rosetta stone on ebay but they remove my listing, then I contact the BSA to ask why? they forward the information to rosetta stone and guess what? I got an email to let me know that I have to contact their legal department and after that I have to pay for demages $1000 even when i did not sell the item. does somebody now if this is legal, could I do something about it?

buy rosetta stone spanish used

I sold a copy of rosetta stone here in the uk, now rosetta stone are trying to sue. They have asked me to pay them 600 damages and if I dont pay up they will take me to court and inform the police. Told them im not paying as they have no legal right to impose a fine but they keep on threatening to take civil and criminal action against me, there pathetic

If you do a nationwide search, you will find people selling copies for as little as $40 for many different types of rosetta stone. One person in particular ships them for free and uses paypal.

Does rosetta stone make you fluent? Rosetta Stone is not designed to make you fluent or an expert in conversations. It does provide tools and reinforcement activities to build your listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and some simple grammatical structures. However, it does not develop your conversational skills.

The Stone is a broken part of a bigger stone slab. It has a message carved into it, written in three types of writing. It was an important clue that helped experts learn to read Egyptian hieroglyphs (a writing system that used pictures as signs).

As I understand it you cannot resell. I would think you couldn't donate for the same reason. You get a license for three computers when you buy rosetta stone. Every time you activate it on computer you use a license. If you get a new computer you should call Rosetta stone tech support to deactivate on the old computer. That way you don't use a new license when you put it on your new one. 041b061a72


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