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Discover the Hidden Gems of Soul Music on Eccentric Soul: A Red Black Green Production

The Dreamers [Contour, 2008] This heavy '70s punk organ trio looks back to the hard-bopping, girls-in-headlights-on-the-beach, disco-soul-lite sound of "The Motown Sound"--1976. Pretty early, and more proof that much of '70s jam punk was about as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Traveling Wilburys have still to make their way to their list of top ten records, but when they do some of the best tracks will be by this band--not necessarily the Beatles/Brian Jones/George Harrison/Mick Ronson Beatles, but the modest secret history of the Who. A

Various Artists - Eccentric Soul: A Red Black Green Production (2012) FLAC


On a theme the late great Jean-Michel Basquiat's posthumously published biographer even cribs the title from Duke Ellington's 1945 wacky tribute to that swinger even pre-Stevie Wonder, King of the Blues. Paul McCartney's I've Got a Feeling is the reigning album title, and as much as I hated the song, the album has a more durable life than the McCartney hit. And since McCartney's and the Beatles' I'm Happy Just to Dance with You isn't in the Miracle, here's a Barris-Kreimermann travesty the Godfather of Soul put in 1967: I'd Say I'm Glad My Baby's Happy, which became The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, which became Yellow Submarine. The leap's not nearly as high as McCartney's solo leap from the sublime to the ridiculous in its six-minute duration. Hey, I Just Want to Be Your Dog was no worse. B-

Celtic Soul and West Coast Jazz [Rawkus, 1992] The album, recorded at London's Aeolian Hall, features a force of people as diverse as John Coltrane, Wilbur Harden, Pharoah Sanders, Eddie Harris, and the late great Jesse Dixon. The album is divided into a trio of disco-pop/piano cuts, hard-bop cross-overs (Harden's Child's Play) and middle-aged gospel (Sanders' Call It What It Is). It's fun and relevant, all at once.


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