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Medica Medication Reminder Pill Tracker V6.5 [Premium]

Pill Reminder & Med Tracker is one of the most accurate and regular reminders to take your medication. Besides, it also provides you with information related to drugs and shares your prescriptions with treating doctors. This allows your doctor to keep track of your medications and your regular dosing intervals. Through that, users also do not forget or be confused in the process of taking the medicine. The application also supports you in many different languages, making it easy for everyone to participate.

Medica Medication Reminder Pill Tracker v6.5 [Premium]

In addition, an exceptional feature of MedList Pro is to schedule an appointment to take medicine. After entering the prescription, the user can schedule a medication appointment for this prescription. At any time, how many reminders, etc., will all be chosen by you. You can also choose separate appointment times for multiple medications on multiple prescriptions in one day. This is a handy feature for forgetful people. 350c69d7ab


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