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Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow [VERIFIED]

My faculty adviser said, "Look, you passed your qualifiers. Finish your thesis, get your master's degree, and then you can head for the military." I went down and I took the test for Navy pilot and I did very well, but I had been drinking the night before and I flunked the eye test. They said, "You can be a navigator, but you can't be a pilot." I said, "No." I went and took the Air Force test. I learned my lesson, and I stayed away from liquor. I passed the test for pilot, and I did very well.

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow

I was doing my master's. I absolutely hated chemistry. I remember going down and looking enviously over the shoulder of someone doing computer work. I was so envious of what he was doing, but it never dawned on me to take an extra two years and change majors. It never even crossed my mind. I just wanted out. I always wanted to be a pilot. I thought it was glamourous being a pilot, so I went into flight training. I went into this OTS in the Air Force with a specialty of pilot training.

BB: I was in the service. I can't remember when. I think I might have just made captain, and I offered to go back and address the cadets about what life was like once you got your commission and you're out in the field. So, I did do that, and basically, though, I told them the job was very nine to five. You basically put in whatever time is necessary, and if there was an alert, someone knocks on your door, right away, get down here, "There's an emergency." That did happen.

BB: The people I met at McClellan, the officers, all had master's or doctorates, except for one or two officers, who were ex-pilots who tended to be administrators, and some of those didn't even have college degrees. They were like old farm boys from Oklahoma who shot down a couple of Messerschmitts, and they got promoted up to colonel that way. Most of the officers were--the Air Force was a whole different animal, and I was in an organization that was the best of the best because this is where all the people with graduate degrees went into military intelligence and we were in a highly specialized area, military intelligence. It was almost like being in a nine-to-five job, except, A, it wasn't nine to five, B, it involved the security of the United States. Unlike a regular job, I couldn't leave whenever I wanted. I couldn't go whenever I wanted. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable experience, and the people that I worked with were uniformly very nice. I was a little older than some of them because some of them had come right out of ROTC and just had a bachelor's degree. They would've been twenty-two, and I was twenty-four. On the other hand, some of them were older than me because they had gone and gotten their doctorates and stuff. In general, we were kind of an outlier that we were not fliers or anything like that. We were scientists. We were all scientists in labs wearing white coats. So, that was the nature of my organization. We were not even real Air Force. We didn't fly planes, but some of the people who were in charge of has us had flown planes. [Editor's Note: Messerschmitt planes were used by the German Luftwaffe during World War II.] 041b061a72


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