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The Smartest Woman I Have Ever Seen - YouTube

Maybe I'm a little biased, but our YouTube channel has a pretty cool banner! What we haven't seen in the first two channel art examples are faces. HubSpot's banner features full-color images of the creators who present the video content on the channel. Our signature brand art (aka the blobs) are thoughtfully placed behind the creators' photos so they pop on the banner.

The smartest woman I have ever seen - YouTube

YouTube TV, like all other streaming services, is simple to cancel. All you have to do is go to your YouTube TV account on the web, at Go to Settings, then Membership, then Manage, and click Cancel membership.

Use these awesome Page examples as inspiration to finally create a Facebook Page for your business or as motivation to improve your existing Page. You don't have to do everything. Instead, focus on the core needs of your fans and customers, keep your messaging and imagery consistent, and watch your Facebook Page grow exponentially.

Have you ever seen a person climb the side of a skyscraper using vacuum cleaners? Did you know there is a WiFi enabled water glass to help old people stay hydrated? What do you know about the growth in the Korean pet food market and the development of wearable tech for dogs? If you enjoy learning about the world through the web you can step up your game and see what is happening in business around the world through Mintel Trends. This fascinating database is only available to users who log in using their campus id and password. It is a little bit of trouble but well worth it. 041b061a72


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